About the Organization

Since the turn of the century, evolvable hardware research began migrating into many and different directions away from the initial FPGA-intrinsic analog method. The excitement for this field of research was a result of the prospect of using evolutionary search to create analog circuits; a significant engineering challenge. Our mission was to determine why evolvable hardware appeared to have abandoned this vein of research, attempt to recreate it's seminal experimental results, press the research forward, and get others involved. This website serves as a focal point for communicating projects, connecting researchers, and targetting new and promising directions.


We are keeping this project completely open-source to aid in the further development and continuity of the particular domain of research. All code is available at github.com/evolvablehardware. Like most open-source projects, it is constantly under development. We welcome any and all levels of developers, engineers, researchers that are interested in making contributions to the research, be it testing, debugging, feature additions, new experiment ideas, novel hardware, and general criticisms.


Our group is very active and communicates on a daily basis using Slack. If you'd like to join our workspace, contact Derek with the subject line "EHW SLACK" to receive an invite. We have channels in place for different methods, focus areas, and other general interests.